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Whaleheart Productions LLC
Connection through Video

Started in 2012, Whaleheart Productions grew out of filmmaker Gabe Van Lelyveld's desire to use his abilities as a visual storyteller in support of others. It all began with Gabe's first short documentary, Walk. Owning no gear whatsoever, Gabe was able to borrow what he needed to shoot and edit the story of a peace walk like no other. Hundreds of hours later, as he watched his film take shape during editing, Gabe knew he was hooked. The power of film to tell compelling stories in such an immediate and visceral way was a discovery that changed the course of his life.

It wasn't long thereafter that Gabe began getting asked to make videos for others. Curious, he accepted a number of jobs, learning quickly that his newfound skills as well as the basic equipment he had gathered, could help local businesses and nonprofits achieve their goals.

Now, with over 10 years of experience, a whole host of professional film-making tools at his disposal as well as a network of local film professionals to work with, Gabe has accumulated dozens of satisfied clients in a variety of realms, including business, non-profit, and government. His passion for storytelling and the power of the medium to connect clients to their audiences are the reasons for Whaleheart's continued success.

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Gabe Van Lelyveld
"Video allows me to explore what is authentic in the world. I've always been interested in a wide variety of topics, and I've always loved storytelling, as long as it contains depth and meaning.

"My favorite thing is when the character of my client really shines through in their video. I hope I can do the same for you."

What We Make

If you look around the site you'll see that most of our videos fall into the categories of promotional and fundraising videos. These typically entail one or more interviews with a representative(s) of the client overlaid with additional footage, known as b-roll, to illustrate the story they are telling about their business/non profit, the specific campaign they are running, or the products/services they offer.
We also make documentaries, instructional and wedding videos. But that is only the beginning of what we're capable of. With backgrounds in narrative filmmaking as well as documentary, we love projects with fictional elements, as in this music video, or fun plays on genre and form as in this kids video. Whether you have a vision for your project or not, we have the tools and the experience to help you create a video that connects with your audience.


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"With Whaleheart's video and a matching grant, Finnriver raised almost $40,000 for a solar array at our Cidery that promotes a renewable energy future."
          -Crystie Kisler, Founder/Owner, Finnriver Farm & Cidery
"On top of shooting and editing the videos beautifully, he is a clear communicator, reliable, personable, and overall just great to work with."
          -Justine Rebekah, Organizer, Jefferson County Farm Tour
"Gabe had a wonderful vision for how to document our event and took plenty of footage to give us options on how to shape it. During editing...Gabe was very patient and responsive to our little requests, tweaking here and there until it was just right."
          -Mallorree Weinheimer, Founder, Rethinking Rural
"Working with Gabe was an absolute pleasure. He is extremely professional, organized, and really cares about his clients' vision. I can't recommend him highly enough."
          -Karyn Stillwell, Owner, Stillwell Yoga
"Gabe was the cameraman for me on a series of one-on-one interviews around some quite sensitive themes. He was a delight to work with. Professional in all ways, experienced in his craft and creatively switched on...Could not recommend him highly enough."
          -Michael Shaw, Founder, Earth Realities Foundation

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